redis-server.exe 使用上面命令启动redis服务的时候报了以下错误信息: The Windows version of Redis allocates a memory mapped heap for sharing with the forked process used for persistence operations. In order to share this memory, Windows allocates from the system paging file a portion equal to the size of the Redis heap. At this time there is insufficient contiguous free space available in the system paging file for this operation (Windows error 0x5AF). To work around this you may either increase the size of the system paging file, or decrease the size of the Redis heap with the –maxheap flag. Sometimes a reboot will defragment the system paging file sufficiently for this operation to complete successfully.

Please see the documentation included with the binary distributions for more details on the –maxheap flag.

大概意思是:没有足够的可用空间,可以增加系统的大小分页文件,或减少Redis的堆的大小 使用–maxheap标志。

有时重启将充分整理系统分页文件(重启可以解决) 可以再启动命令后面加maxheap参数重新分配堆大小。

redis-server.exe –maxheap 200m